Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Already!

It's March! How has your year been going so far? Just wanted to check in and encourage everyone who is feeling the "March Madness". I am not talking about basketball but I am talking about the "wait it's March already" feeling. Yes, it's March already but no need to panic :)!
Last night I was printing off some paper work for our taxes. I used an old flash drive I had sitting by the computer. I decided to review the documents on the flash drive under the folder "Leadership". I found a document titled "I Dream". It had a list of dreams and here are the first 12 items off that list:

1- I dream of a house full of prayer
2- I dream of having a son
3- I dream of working with teens across the nation teaching and doing workshops on purity
4- I dream of discipleship groups in my home
5- I dream of ELEOS reaching youth in the Garner area and making a difference through the arts
6- I dream of vacations with my family free of ministry duties
7- I dream of having a home with a basement for gatherings and fellowship
8- I dream of cozy walks in the park with Joshua
9- I dream of raising Mary to love God with all her heart, mind and soul.
10 - I dream of sitting and just listening to the rain drops
11- I dream of starting TSW Events and Things and owning a full scale event venue
12- I dream of getting pregnant this year

The list had a total of 30 items on it. I assume this was a leadership assignment but I honestly do not remember making the list. It was saved to the flash drive in January 2012.

Have you ever come across a "lost" list of dreams? Maybe your list was titled "Vision for 20__or even 19__". Maybe your list was titled "Things to Do". As I read my list I was encouraged to see the things I have accomplished and I noticed things I still have not accomplished. There are things on the list I am no longer involved in and things that I just stopped dreaming for.

I strongly believe the scripture says the Holy Spirit will bring ALL THINGS back to our remembrance. (John 14:26) You may have forgotten the things the Lord has spoken but the Holy Spirit is our advocate. The Holy Spirit will remind us what the Lord has placed inside of us. This list was my reminder!!!!

I printed off the list and I have decided to contend this time. In the Bible, Timothy was a young man and Paul, his mentor, was reminding him not to forget the things the Lord had spoken to him. Like Paul said to Timothy, I say to you (and me):

"Do not neglect your gift , which was given to you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you. Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save yourself and your hearers." 1 Tim 4:14-16

It does not matter if you received a word by the laying on of hands or if you received a word on your knees in your secret place, do not neglect your gifting. I am not sure how my dream list was created but as I read the list my heart began to long for those forgotten desires. I felt the need to fall on my knees and repent for allowing myself to be distracted. I felt the weight of my selfishness because I had been withdrawn and fearful. I felt the joy in my heart and I was overwhelmed with thanksgiving for the things God has and is doing on the list. I was encouraged to share with you in this post!

God is up to something! YES it's March already and God's timing is perfect! Be diligent in your gifting and in the Word of God. Remember it profits us nothing to get our dreams (gain the world) but lose our soul. (Mark 8:36; Matthew 16:26).

I cannot wait to see you walking out your calling in Christ Jesus!

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